During this difficult and chaotic time, the Nova Virtual Tours Team has put a lot of careful thought and consideration into the proper course of action regarding the continuation of our services. As so many businesses are closing their doors in an effort to prevent the fast spread of the Coronavirus, we had considered following suit and halting services temporarily. However, for the time being, we strongly believe that by continuing to offer our services, we are providing a way for potential buyers to view your listings in a safe and secure manner. Rather than holding traditional open houses and allowing gatherings of people into the homes of your sellers, we hope that our 3D Virtual Tours can offer a safe and convenient alternative. As always, the well-being of our clients and employees is our number one priority, and we want to ensure that we are all working together to move forward in a considerate and effective manner.

In prepping your listing to be scanned for a 3D Virtual Tour, we have compiled some suggested precautionary measures that will guarantee a smooth and safe process for all parties involved. 

1. Clean and De-Clutter 

Put away all toys, clothing, dishes, and other miscellaneous items prior to the appointment. These things cannot be removed from a 3D Virtual Tour, and we want to minimize any touching and moving of others’ personal items.

2. Sanitize

It is good practice to urge your sellers to sanitize all surfaces, doorknobs, etc. in the home, both before the appointment, and after.

3. Depersonalize 

Since buyers prefer the feel of a “clean slate” when viewing a potential home, you’ll want to encourage your sellers to put away any family photos, items, or personalized decorations.

4. Turn On All Lights

Please have all lights turned on, and fans turned off in the home prior to the scheduled appointment.

5. Clear the Driveway

Move all vehicles out the driveway and away from the street in front of the home.

6. Secure Animals

We love animals, but we do ask that you please have your sellers secure any potentially aggressive animals that could pose a threat to our team. 

7. Urge Sellers To Not Be Present

Although we cannot enforce this, it is a great idea to have your sellers leave the home during the shoot if possible. 

8. Option To Stay Outside

You, the agent, always have the option to practice social distancing, as it is not necessary for you to be present inside the home during the shoot. 

Carrying out these preventative measures will result in the most efficient experience for all involved, keeping everyone as safe as possible, while eliminating the need for any return site visits. We thank you for your cooperation during this unprecedented time, and please know that we are keeping you all in our hearts and thoughts. 

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